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Giving You Time To Rebuild Your Business


The impact of Covid and the lockdown has caused many businesses to face critical challenges. There has been a sharp rise in businesses engaging in survival mode, enduring disruption to cash flow, and facing insolvency. In most cases, businesses are only looking for relief from the financial pressures whilst they get themselves back to a stronger position. Whether it’s managing your debts and protecting your business from collection agents or legal action, re-structuring your business loan repayments to something more affordable, or applying for a payment break whilst you get your business back on track, we have the right solutions for you and your company.


Company Informal Debt Arrangement

If you are being chased by creditors or collection agents for outstanding debts and need breathing space to implement an effective recovery strategy, we can offer an informal debt arrangement with your creditors to stop any legal action,
stop the harassment from collection agents and give
you the time you need to get your business back
on track.

Debt Recovery

If your cash flow has been affected due to your clients not paying you, the negative impact this has on your business can be detrimental. We offer an effective professional debt collection service for your business that can help you recover any outstanding monies owed to you. Our team can undertake debt collection and enforcement of all types of debt under a “No collection, No Fee” based agreement.

Raising Capital

You may not have adequate capital financing for the expansion needed for your business. We have access to a spectrum of funders from the likes of crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, micro loans, financial services lending, equity finance and angel investors to present your business to.

Restructuring Your Business Loans

If you have outstanding business loans that you are
struggling to repay, we can assess the terms of the
loans and consider any restructuring options
available to you to give you a better rate and reduce
your repayment amounts.

The most common and effective Business Relief Solution is our Company Informal Debt Arrangement program (CIDA). Most businesses just need the breathing space to rebuild without being put under unduly pressure from their creditors. Under the CIDA program, your client can achieve the space required to get their business back on track.

If you are struggling or about to start struggling with problematic debt and require time to start servicing the loan, then Breathing Space could be for you.

Now that businesses are opening, we are finding that due to cash flow, businesses and individuals are having difficulties servicing their EMI. These businesses and individuals have good businesses, but just need time to rebuild their businesses up again.

Business rescue provides them with the time and opportunity to get their cash flow, flowing again. Our Advocates will legally assist in obtaining the breathing space that you require to ensure that your businesses survive.

This year we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals facing legal action, following the lifting of lockdown, creditors have increased enforcement action. The number of enquiries for Breathing Space is growing daily and we fully expect it to continue to grow, If you are facing threats of enforcement action Breathing Space may be the answer to buy some time to get your business on track.

Under the Company Informal Debt Arrangement, you will benefit from the following:

A flexible debt repayment arrangement, offering protection from creditor harassment and potential legal action.

Your business may still be able to trade with creditors even under different payment terms.